Pokemon Go Curiosity

  1. Pokemon Go have a winner?

No one is sure if there is a winner in Pokemon Go. What we know is that everyone wins. Well, more developers win. The company which create this game win, external battery manufacturers win, and finally players win pleasure.


  1. If I play Pokemon Go, what I choose?

One thing is sure, making you leave the house and walk. It makes you socialize with other players. If you work in a company and not take the break, Pokemon Go makes you take a break so you cat get after a pokemon.

  1. What exactly is the purpose of the game?

Technically, helping other to earn money and colect as much data about players.

These are the most common questions about the game. The game was in top in July, but along the way, fell. Although it seems that is not played, players do still daily. So you can play Pokemon Go, you need a device that runs at least Android 4.4 and iOS 8. Everyone knows how to play: you have to catch all pokemon, to evolve them, hatch eggs and collect the items received from Pokestop.

Usually, Pokestops are placed in important Pokemon Go Location hack of the city. Yes, it is a little weird at first if you want to play you have to walk, but this is based on the game. For this it is the most popular, because it came with a major departure from other games. When you find a pokemon and want to capture, you must click on it and drag Pokeballs to him. You can catch up easy, had or you can miss.

Every time you miss or pokemon escape, lose balls. At first you have Pokeballs, after level 12 you will have GreatBalls and after level 19 you will have MasterBalls. The more powerfull Pokemon you will capture even harder.  But here there is a strategy. First you can calm him after a fruit and can capture with a MasterBall. Success rate will increase for sure.

Each type of pokemon have his area, that will be find depending on the area. Important areas can have better pokemon. Usually, if an area appears pokemon, players in that area can catch the same pokemon, but with different CP.  For example, water pokemon can be found in the vicinity of water. The types of pokemon are: usual (which can be found anywhere), common (which can be found almost anywhere), uncommon (hardly to find them, only in certain areas), rare, very rare, special, epic, legendary and those still not in the game.


To hatch an egg, you must put it in an incubator. You will receive an incubator at first that you can use indefinitely. As you grow, you will receive incubators, but limited use. Usually, players hatch eggs by 10 km. After level 5, you already begin to choose your team. It varies of friends, you or who is the best. In a gym may be more pokemon. To conquer Gym have to beat them all until Gym rank will drop to 0. To beat them, you need to choose carefully your pokemon.

How to choose a bike in 3 easy steps

Over time we published various guides purchase of bicycles, but almost every year things are changing in the industry. For example, since last year, he entered the game new 27.5 inch wheel, a wheel size that alongside the 26 and 29 inch, did nothing more than give birth to even more questions when purchasing a bicycle. This acquisition is dedicated guide beginners who are not sure where to start when you want to move to a bicycle quality or wish to purchase a new one.


We shared so this guide purchase 3 simple sections: scope, budget and choosing the correct size of the frame. Let’s begin.

1. Purpose

Many want a multipurpose bike, to be effective both in the city and the mountains. Unfortunately, as in any other field, it is a term-all hypothetical, because in real life balance benefits will always be pulled down by the disadvantages when it comes to a specific type of activity.

So you need to ask yourself the following: where you pedal more often, mountain or city? I will choose what kind of trails, some more challenging with steep ascents and descents or forest roads?

Given this two questions arise alternatives:

a.Bicicleta mountain: can hardtail (rigid frame) or full-suspension (with suspension frame). For mountain bike fork damper is mandatory, both for better control and for comfort.

Also, choose a bike that gives you reports that can be used on the mountain. Thus it is very important that the smallest chainring to have 22 or 24 teeth and big sprocket 34 or 36 teeth, standard specification bikes midsize and some entry-level sites. For the simple reason that this report will help much on the ascent. Reports speed up the small chainring and sprocket are not so important, because it is assumed that you have no part of parts of the road too long.


It is what makes the difference in chapter performance, durability and weight. As in any other field, as the bike is more expensive, so it has more to offer. But beware, there are medium-sized manufacturers offering similar endowments on their bikes at more reasonable prices than producers premium. The easiest way is to compare the specifications prior to purchase bike (or ask us a question in the forum), to see that the difference in price for similar equipment. If superior finishes and brand is a priority for you, then renowned brands are considered.

Bicycle under 1,000 euro – in general merchandise supermarket are not taken into account worth: very heavy, broken parts, very poor performance. The transmission has 6 or 7 sprockets.

Culinary inspiration on Instagram

The food lovers have made social networks a wonderful source of culinary inspiration. They are photographed succulent dishes, recipes that seem impossible and all new gastronomic trend. The last thing is making a dent in the kichens of foodies is Sushi Burger, a dish which combines Asian cuisine and the classic burger.

But how is this done? It is easier than it seems: the bread is replaced by a good doudh made of rice and meat for a serving of fish. Actually in the filling can include your favorite ingredients, those pack in the inside of a maki or nigri.

Athough the invention is not new in Japan, this dish became popular during the 80s. The Foodie Yan fills his Instagram with delicate photographs that details count. She has also tried to make their own version of Burger sushi and challenges us to us to guess what’s yours. This is the account of two sisters to roam the world, as they say “eat and drink”. His residence is Cairo (Egypt), although they have traveled – at least with his palate to the easternmost Asia. Fashion, food and travel are the three greatest passions of this French blogger. We find it in your web Secret of Parisiennes, where he tells his adventures and culinary impressions. He could not resist instagramear the Sushi Burger restaurant Take Eat Easy.

Instagram approaches art

Until next Sunday, it meets in Buenos Aires #Upsidedownmeet some of the most renowned and influential Instagram Northern Hemisphere Southern artists who will participate in exhibitions, lectures, visits and workshops users. Including the American photographer Ryan Schude counted; the Spanish and French Amalia Ulman Phil González, creator of the Igers community. One focus of this initiative is to reflect on the power of social networks as a tool for cultural exchange. The project was born of a photographic series of Meritxell Soler, Catalan artist resident in Buenos Aires and author of the series of self-portraits #upsidedownme. There could be seen hanging from a suitcase in scenarios that were alien.

Thanks to Instagram began to spread their work and to reflect on migration in the era of social networks. Initiatives of this kind seem to multiply in proportion to the users of the social network. Last year, in collaboration with instagram account hack , the Malba boosted #emptymalba initiative, the first event #empty in a museum of Argentina. A group of 23 local instagrammers able to tour and record for two hours the empty halls of the museum and its architecture, outside opening hours to the public.

Instagram is gourmet heaven. You can find amazing photos of all kinds of dishes from all corners of the world. You do not have to be a professional to take pictures of your meals photographer, but there are some golden rules you should follow. The following tips are easy to follow and you can easily earn more “likes” on Instagram. Go over the list, start cooking and take photos, and make people drool their smartphones!

What’s the Best Web Browser?

Because the battle between web browsers has become very interesting because urcasurilor and downs of some but also unexpected developments from Google’s Chrome, I came into contact with figures very serious and interesting that will play clear who prefer internet users worldwide and that it is the evolution of the browser market. Thus, the situation in 2011 is the following browsers:

Internet Explorer


From January 2011 to last month, October, those from Microsoft or not dealt at all the improvements, or have had a tough competition because their popularity has declined by about 5% – from 26.6% in January 2011 21.7% in October. Interestingly to note that Internet Explorer has increased from 22% to 22.9% in July-September but in vain, as October comes with a decrease of less than one percent, which brings below 22% . The rest of the year, Internet Explorer has been a freefall!


The most beloved browser of 2009 has come to feel, like Internet Explorer, declines of up to several percent. Thus, if the people at Mozilla, in early 2011, knew a market share of 42.8% last month, in October, remaining with 38.7% – supporting a drop of over 4% – smaller decline, what law than Internet Explorer. It is noteworthy that Mozilla Firefox has had stability in the January-June period, support increases and decreases, but really fatal were July-October that surprised them unpleasant, with a decrease of 3.3% – 80% the share of total existing negative for 2011.

Google Chrome

If until now you have been wondering where they disappeared percentages of the browser market giants would be better to follow the evolution of Google Chrome – which amazes everyone with an increase in popularity for 10% of all Internet users worldwide. If Google Chrome had 23.8% of the total in January 2011, last month it reached 32.3%, thus knowing a win in direct proportion to the failures of competitors on the web browser market. It is admirable that throughout 2011, Google Chrome has not decreased, not stalled, but has grown every month! The largest increase apparently occurred in September and October, by 1.8%.

In the past, the Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, has been blamed for many times the speed of poor quality they have, at least compared with other publicly available browsers. Gradually, things have improved lately, as some people at Microsoft have done everything possible to refine this software. Even if further the idea that Internet Explorer is a popular browser is slow, the number of users of Internet Explorer starts to grow. What is even more interesting is that IE currently has the most users.

Technology that operates these browsers is very simple and uses the GPS signal. GPS phone tracker connects to satellites make it possible to search areas and especially for location using the browser.


Types of People on Snapchat

Enter any Snapchat username and retrieve snaps sent and received in real time without anyone knowing! The Snapchat app was launched in 2011 and was put on IOS, Android or Windows phones. Snapchat was hacking target because it represents several exploitable vulnerabilities. If you want to hack an account Snapchat just curious or you want to discover secrets.

maxresdefault (1)

Regarding the flaws in the application uncorrected until now, you will enjoy with our site, you can decrypt recover snaps and videos on any Snapchat account in order to search and discover what you looking. You just type the name of the account or the account of the phone number Snapchat for access to all data.

This piracy has no limits and everybody could do so without problems. In addition, you will be away suspicions, the user does not appreciate that someone has infiltrated it without permission. Thus, even the most clueless computer will have no difficulty to hack an Snapchat account. It is advisable to use our website dedicated to hacking because it is totally secure and more free. You can enter the Snap Spy website to try more emoticons.

Our code has no ambiguity. You have to wait just a few minutes for our code to download the photos and videos you want to hack. Thus, you will have nothing to do because our site will make any stains. Now you can spy on your loved ones without any problems.

You can monitor your children rummaging photos they send to their friends or if you want to get more confidence in your spouse. You will discover if he or she is cheating you or not. No more secrets.

So, what to click one of the buttons available on the site to get the algorithm that will enable Snapchat hack the account you want. Piracy will be online and completely free. This application lets you send messages with pictures or videos that self-destruct after 1 to 10 seconds including selfies. 350 million snaps are traded daily in the world. The application also allows users to create a Story. It is a juxtaposition of several photos / videos. A story can be seen as many times as the user wishes but each element of the story has a life of 24 h.  Snapchat allows, among others, draw on images or apply color filters (four filters) to create different values of black and white.

One can also add personal data such as the time the current date or temperature. The update of January 2015 provides a filter to geotag the image or video. Snapchat is behind a research project of two students at Stanford University, Evan Spiegel aged 22 and Bobby Murphy 24 years old. They claim to have been inspired at the time by the Anthony Weiner case, elected New York who resigned after sending sexual images to different women. There are other applications that can send photos to Snapchat selected contacts but also to save images received without the sender or avisé21 Snapchat, which goes against the very principle of Snapchat.

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande

Like any artist out at the beginning, Ariana Grande has built slowly but surely the way in the music industry. If initially relied on songs with romantic lyrics and messages teenage singer was now demonstrate that matured and has aspirations of becoming larger.


After a resounding success gained by using the song “Problem” feat. Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande has a new good news for fans. The star offered via official Instagram account a preview of a collaboration with The Weekend, Canadian artist that was marked by a series of remixes of sensation.

The track where the two have worked together called “Love Me Harder” and is included on the disc “My Everything”. They are present on the same album singles “Problem” and “Break Free”, a collaboration with Zedd.

Finals The Voice, Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande have provided an exceptional show singing the song “Dangerous Women”. Initially, Christina Aguilera and juries The Voice, has planned a duet with Whitney Houston’s hologram, but Whitney’s family decided that the hologram has a pretty good quality.

But fans were not disappointed, the two singing LIVE was fully appreciated by those present.

Time with Ariana Grande was not the only important series for Christina Aguilera. Alisan Porter was the one who won show The Voice, Christina mentor for her being even.

Ariana Grande has participated in a contest that was supposed to provide Ariana Grande Phone Number when I had to reply to as many messages they send fans. The celebrity won this competition in front of many competitors. Ariana Grande Phone Number has kept this number and answer any questions that fans is addressed.

It is one of the hottest artists of the moment and the most grumpy always find reasons for them analyze each performance. Most recently, they have been criticized forms, which prompted us to make a return in time and see how it evolved her figure. Move left / right arrows to see the changes. In 2008, Ariana Grande was just a kid who was not interested to show his body in provocative outfits. He wore a covering bust shirts, jeans and sports shoes.

The new album of adolescence-faced girl is the best-selling album worldwide this week.

# 1 iTunes in 70 countries

Dominating the charts worldwide “Dangerous Woman” took first place in iTunes in over 70 countries. With sales of over 175 000 registered in the US alone, the album marks the first week with the best sales of the artist’s entire career, aged 23 years. However, unless a Beyonce, is the best-selling album debut week by a female artist in 2016.

In total, worldwide, Ariana has exceeded the equivalent of a million albums sold and became, first, first place in the charts in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, but also in Canada, Australia or Mexico where he occupied the first position in 2014 with her album (My Everything). Ariana is praised and appreciated by all the media, see some reactions: “One of the best albums of 2016 ‘A voice that you lay back” – one of the best pop artists of the new wave portrait mature a female artist blessed with one of the most powerful voices in pop music.


In Slither.io it is obvious that you can not handle it too easy. You also need some tips and tricks. It sounds like a simple game, but it is more populous than the old Agar.io. In the browser game you try to eat as many luminous points as possible, so that your snake grows.


If you want your enemies circling for example, use the SpeedBooster, so you can you move from the adversary. The Speed Booster you can also get out of sticky situations. When you reach a certain length by you ate diligently balls, you can press and hold to get a Turbo or Speed Boost the left or right mouse button. This ye fast for a certain period.  You always follows your cursor. You may draw your serpent draw with the mouse.

It is recommended that Slither.io to be played from your browser. It is much easier to control from the browser with the mouse that to play it on your tablet or smartphone. You can play Slither.io for FREE. Give a name to your snake and start to eat. Initially, your snale is still quite small. The field is huge and your task is to collect the glowing dots, so that your character is getting longer.


At the top right you can see the ranking of players. As soon you will appear. The length of your snake counts and eventually you will also increase a really big snake. Over time, you can make them look through different costumes.  Slither.io is a little game, which is meant for entertaining and fun games with your friends. If you lose a game, you will be displayed briefly in the end how long you were. After that you can already start to the next round and try your luck again.  It is the fashion game and reminds the mythical ‘Snake’ of former Nokia mobile phones.

cheats slither.io

The default game options are configured to allocate their servers, automatically, a game room to each user. All we can select us as players is the user name and appearance of the snake, but in no case option is offered to choose a server or other, as well as a game room or another. Therefore, depending on the options Slither.io offers, by default, you can not voluntarily agree with our friends on the same map.

Now, developers outside this fashion game have been put to work for, through an extension compatible with the Google Chrome web browser, allowing us to do exactly this, simply adds to Slither.io the options to compete against our acquaintances in the same map, although the rest of the game options remain exactly the same, and likewise enter into a shared game with other players who do not know.  That is, it is one of the only ways to force the title to get us to agree on a given map with other friends. But at the same time, as we mentioned, we are with other unknown users, because what makes this extension for Google Chrome is not to create a private room, but simply get together with our friends, in one of the many public rooms that Slither .io created automatically. The problem, however, is not used to players for Android and iOS version.

WattUp Wireless Tehnology

Wireless charging devices through Qi technology is not new, but it is not far future devoid of cables to which we all aspire. This year at CES, the company introduced a concept Energous loaded remotely promising for multiple devices simultaneously. It’s about WattUp technology, which should reach the market before the end of 2015.


Unlike Qi charging surface, WattUp comes in the form of generous sizes stations that can charge any compatible device from a distance of up to 5 meters. The device is closer to the power source, the load faster and Energous claims that can be loaded up to 12 devices simultaneously. Obviously, the number of phones and tablets increases, the process will be slower.

The emphasis is not on speed but. The company believes that this technology will be geared particularly to offices, cafes and other places where you can spend more time. For the home there will be less bulky variants that will have a range of working less and less will feed devices.


Unfortunately, WattUp is not compatible with existing standards on the market. Energous revealed that its technology is proprietary, patented, and will work in the coming months to bring this technology into products of other partners. For starters, the company will create with developers external battery accessories for smartphones already launched with integrated WattUp and will then try to bring this technology directly into phones.

Energous the information disclosed, it appears that the hardware is quite bulky, which means that external batteries with WattUp will offer lower capacity. However, there are already plans for miniaturization technology. Charging station will be lowered six times until it reaches the market, according to company statements and come in many shapes and sizes. One of the reasons that occupies so much space WattUp is a module integrating Bluetooth LE, which helps to detect device loaded.

WattUp currently seems an interesting concept that we could release the cables and the need to put a phone or tablet “charging”, which can be fed continuously. We will learn more about the capabilities of this technology in late 2015 when Energous plans to bring the technology to market.

Tehnology Microrobots

Tugs appointed, like little robots developed by researchers at Stanford have managed to do what ants do not even dream about. A total of six such small devices that individually weigh no more than 100g were able to draw together about two tons a car, a weight of 20,000 times higher than the one of the six robots.


Working together with extraordinary precision, small appliances used a technique called “biomimare” (biomimicry). Having an adhesive surface that mimics the gecko lizard skin on the feet, the little robots have managed a draw enormous weight while they detach very easily on the floor when they needed to move on.

Like ants, small robots can attain even greater force if they work together. As a result, small appliances can reach to pull with a force of 200N, or nearly 21 kg. With the help of surfaces under each little robot, the six “strength” can pull slowly but surely drive touă tons.

However, it is worth mentioning that the test itself was not simply the result of impressive “biomimării” but also the effectiveness skin adhesive material that mimics gecko feet. This could have a much broader than these six small acts of greatness “heroes”.

Imitating the behavior and abilities of ants, researchers from Stanford University have demonstrated that brute force can not defeat the mountains but perfect coordination writes playtech.ro. UTugs appointed, like little robots developed by researchers at Stanford have managed to do what not even dream of ants. A total of six such small devices that individually weigh no more than 100g were able to pull together a drive of about two tons, weighing 20,000 times more than one of the six robots.

The idea is that professionals, especially those working in extreme conditions, such as scientists in Antarctica, not to them that after heavy gear boxes. Instead, it could only lead to a bag of sand intelligent. When they need something, you just need to send electronic model of the desired object roboteii sand, and they will comply with and will structure the shape of that object.

There is a lot of work on the project, but Russian, aged 48, already has a working prototype. Currently it has 50 robots. They are still quite high, but are structured in geometric shapes.

Given that all components can be programmed, it can also create humanoid figures that, at a time will be able to move.

His research is based currently on reducing robots, reducing the size of the magnets and electronic components are formed.

Russian and discovered his passion for robots while watching the TV series “Lost in Space” in his childhood spent in Romania. “I loved the robot. The fact that a machine can interact with you and be able to warn of dangers was fascinating as a child,” she said.

When his family emigrated to the United States in the 1980s, the Russian went footsteps of his father and studied computer. Cornell University doctoral thesis was based on the “hands” that can manipulate robotic objects.

At MIT, decided to “democratize access to robots” and, besides project related to sand intelligent working on a technology that allows people who are not specialists in the field to create robots for specialized tasks, such as to unblock a clogged channel.



GPS No Tracker


GPS No Tracker. GPS No Tracker Where are all the flocks of sheep in the Highlands of Georgia? How can I check which material best replaced a bone? What effect has the climate change on coral? The questions on the Conference of the Giessen Graduate Center of life sciences (GGL) the Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) yesterday and today are diverse. The poster presentations by 130 PhD students of the GGL originating from 35 countries and now report on their research projects at different faculties of the JLU are at the Center.


Anja Magiera about is filing Hauer of the issue together with her colleagues Hannes, where all the large herds of cattle from the high Caucasus in Georgia are gone. About 30 years ago, have thousands of wool animals inhabited the Highlands. Today, herds have become rare. Only a few sheep roamed through the now barren land. So the students have found increasing overgrazing and the concomitant erosion of the landscape is to blame for this. The layer of topsoil is thin on the barren rock. The steadily growing trails could be made out but using GPS tracking individual animals. Between 1600 and 2400 meters high lie the pasture area of the animals, the young Forscher.Egal explain molecular medicine, genetics and bacteriology – from all walks of life sciences a variety of works in the lecture hall building were presented physics at the campus science of JLU. The students discuss also in ten specialized sections in English their findings with experts from Germany, Austria and England. “The meeting is also the networking”, said Prof. Eveline Baumgart-Vogt. At the same time, Professor of Anatomy and medical cell biology is Director of the GGL. GPS No Tracker

Among the doctoral students who provide their results to the discussion, also Asmaa Eldaey. Theme of their work on one of the posters reads this who is but first something at a loss: “morphometric analysis of normal and osteoporotic bone of the rat.” A highly relevant research question behind that is because more and more people require a bone graft. No matter whether in the jaw, the hip or the knee joint – mostly high-tech materials be used. But how can I check their compatibility? Eldaey developed a model in their work to test the biocompatibility of newly developed materials. The research on rat bone provide you for the necessary research data. Prof. Adriaan Dorresteijn, first Vice President of the JLU, stressed the tradition line, stand in the GGL at the University. “Already Justus Liebig was the basis for the natural sciences at the JLU his research”, he said. GPS No Tracker

Online voting for prices

In addition, the meeting show how important is the internationalization of research in the various fields of the natural sciences. Even with the award of the best speakers and posters under the doctoral students, the GGL uses state of the art methods. Using online voting can already vote during the presentation for their favourite participants. The prizes for the best poster and the best presentation are endowed with 150 euro each.
Garmin will offer the dog collar T5 soon also in a version for small dog breeds. The T5 mini is suitable for a neck circumference of 24-36 cm, and should be for the larger model in anything.

Primarily the dog collar by Garmin as a helper suitable for hunting, police work or rescue operations. But also private users know the collar with always where your dog just is, even if it disappears in the dense terrain out of sight.


The T5 mini in collaboration with the receiving unit is a reliable GPS-GLONASS positioning system for dogs 100 Alpha and Astro 320. The robust and waterproof to 1 ATM design allows use in all weather conditions and also a dive or dip in the Lake can do any harm to the collar. His position transmitted the T5 mini in an interval of up to 2.5 seconds over a distance of about 6.5 km. At maximum frequency, use 16 hours at a time should be possible, in the low-power mode, the position of the dogs can be traced up to 30 hours. The whereabouts of the dog will be shown on the display of the Alpha 100 and Astro 320. For the use of the T5 mini owner of the Alpha 100 perform but before a firmware update, which provides new security features. Also the led integrated in the collar can be remotely via handheld devices. In addition, the Alpha 100 allows detection of up to 20 dogs at the same time. Other users with an alpha of 100 are shown on the map. The location of the dogs can be shared via the radio range of the unit with other Alpha 100 users. GPS No Tracker

Gps tracker name comes not just from phone gps tracker. As vam said this program makes a lot of things. First you must use the online program to have the best possible location devices. Phone gps tracker contains a static platform and programmed to make the connection between satellites. This application are functioning as did mobile networks. However Gps phone tracker can locate argues that even devices that do not have access to the net or signal. Just try to use it I used lam and are really pleased with this program.

Future Of People

“The current system of production, use and roll of plastic materials has significant negative effects. Each year are lost plastic packaging with values between 80 and 120 billion dollars. Beyond the financial aspect, if nothing changes, the oceans will have a greater amount of plastic than fish in 2050, “reads a press release.

Forum (WEF) at Davos, whose works begin on Wednesday presented a study conducted with Ellen MacArthur Foundation navigatoarei and with the assistance of McKinsey’s Cabinet. According to this document, between the plastic and the tons of fish was 1/5 in 2014, will be 1/3 in 2025 and will exceed 1/1 in 2050.


The Forum believes that it is necessary to “melt complete packaging and plastics in general” and further research for the discovery of alternatives to oil as the base material for their production. If you are not going to change anything, this sector will consume 20 percent of oil production in 2050.

Due to the fact that the sacks and plastic bags are for single use, “95% of the amount of plastic packaging, estimated between 80 and 120 billion dollars a year is lost,” said WEF, making a call to true recycling systems and reuse.

And Ellen MacArthur has called for the establishment of circular economy with the reuse of materials. She got famous when he set a new record at round the world in a boat sailing in 2005.

In a number of countries currently be taken measures to restrict the use of bags and plastic bags. In France, for example, plastic bags reusable to be banned since March, and in the United Kingdom law requires users to pay for plastic bags, trying to reduce their use.

And Montreal-area, where half of the population resides in Quebec, decided to ban the use of bags and plastic bags biodegradable us from 2018.

Reading documents centuries XVIII and XIX century, the cost is considerable everywhere this indefatigable search for the future. From vlădică to opincă, all man is subject to the need to know, to predict and thus expect the future. Chiromanţia, in books or bobi, interpretation of dreams, noiţelor of on interpretation, Zodiac, are just a few of these tools of the future forecast. Doctor Constantine writes, of Caracas early 19th century: the Romanians “have more faith in the riddles, the demons and the magi; I think all my sins and come from the Devils, and it happens when li misfortune or disease, Sprint to the magi (quack) or the babe, let him get away with rubbing limbs and descîntece (incantations) “. But the Romanians go to quack and the Witch and other things more “light” of everyday life. Inductive reasoning in Badakhshan, Basil under the pillow or fluff the eye am “” immediate and essential to assist in finding a future so hard to find. For instance, in the 1794, a certain Ion from South Fefeleiu, rushes to the Saac, baba Săftiţa, “guess in Badakhshan” if M carries his child as Duda. And want to know what it would be: child or girl. However, for this curiosity is copied and saved the ominous signs are contained in the “books” Pashalie Întîmplările birth or for people, in what month to Sri, how will cîtu to be born and live, or Valet times girl.

Among those with a literate, circulating a series of writings with important information about the knowledge, even with rough time of the future: gromovnice, rojdanice, trepetnice, pascalii (pashalii) etc. Proof that they are readable and that enjoys success is simply copying and recopiere. Miscelaneele hide between their pages such “astrological forecast”, some of them specific to today’s horoscope. Moreover, any less ordinary astrological phenomenon carries with him a news for mortals. The stars of the heavens proclaim and foretell the future of crops or animals in the yard, about people and their infant according to the movements of the sky or even depending on the color. I know yet to say if they had under the phanariots voivodes her astrologer, as is the case of the Kings of France from the time of the Renaissance. I can only say that from the time of Enlightenment rationality has not prevented astrology, as it would be desirable to hold an important place in people’s lives. At least in these parts of the world, izvorînd the manuscript, as if to catch the Zodiac “life” with force.

History Cars

A few dozens of years before Henry Ford opened its first factory built cars in series in the US, on the old continent, in Germany more precise, more engineers high prestige among the famous Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, Siegfried Marcus Karl Benz worked separately and simultaneously in concurrent programs that give first automobile assembly lines in the world. In fact, the first car in the true sense, powered by a gasoline engine was built in the city germanMannheim by Karl Benz in 1885 and was patented in January of next year under the auspices of the company founded in 1883, Benz & Cie.


The car was an integral design, including parts and revolutionary technologies for the period. Karl Benz began to sell widespread self-propelled cars in 1888. Ford has created self-propelled car just in 1896, a difference of over 10 years in favor Benz engineer, co-founder, in 1886 of the famous carmakers Mercedes-Benz.


Karl Benz was going to create a cart to move freely from the technology used in steam locomotives. So he developed the first patented car. The engine develops 959 cc 0.8 hp and top speed of the car with three wheels ESE 13 km / h. at first, only odd impressed passers vehicle in Mannheim until, in 1888, the engineer’s wife, Bertha Benz, together with their two children, had visited relatives who lived with the car to 100 km away from Mannheim.

Origin of car name is lost in the crowd and inventions of dozens of people in at least 12 countries who have made contributions large and small car technology development since the late eighteenth century.

The French physician Denis Papin invented the autoclave (container sealed that produce physical and chemical processes under pressure and at high temperatures) that he called a “reactor steam” and proposed, reflecting on this discovery to the possible construction of a vehicle using the same principles of the steam power. Henry, who was born two years before the end of the civil war, his family work the land. At age 16, however, committed part-time at a workshop where he could satisfy his passion for studying the functioning mechanisms and inventions. Subsequently, the Company undertook Detroit Edison, and at the age of 30 years had charge of electricity city. This post leaves them more free time and spend it in his shop in 1893, built a superior petrol engine existing models. Three years later invented an object looking ungainly, like a spider, he had four wheels and was half bike, half machine. He was baptized “quadricycle” or “horseless carriage”. In the following years brought many improvements carriage without horses, and in 1903 concluded that he had obtained commercial machine. With only a sum of 28,000 dollars, Ford managed to establish that the company would be named.

The vehicles of our time have the latest technology but the principle remained the same and the engine can be confirmed by anyone. This principle will be changed only with the development of electric vehicles. Earlier this era of automotive leaders must not driving, they must learn to lead themselves. Road signs and road indicators appeared much later because in those days there were no roads to enable the movement of vehicles.

The automotive industry is constantly developing solutions that are seeking to find a fuel that does not poluate.

Ipad Air

Apple has thought to pull the market an iPad which is becoming better and better from one generation to another. Thus thought so as to be unique and function smoothly. The tablet has a very bright screen is small very quickly, is light and thin, available in several colors suit everyone’s taste. Air iPad load faster than the previous version, with a smaller battery, but useful that you can use more time.


The tablet has two microphones, dual microphone has an aluminum housing, very well finished and the display is energy. 5 megapixel camera with face detection autofocus can offer fascinating photographs, and the front has 1.3 megapixel. The room contains a sensor for rear lighting, HDR photos, a 5-element lens and other orders that have used those from Apple. Facetime camera and video recording also contain about the same commands as photos. The graphics are very good, it has no delay or error or stuttering. 3D effects, lights are very well crafted, fully utilizing all the capabilities of the graphics tablet. Great finish gives the tablet a broader and more appealing texture. The menu is in vivid colors thanks to millions of pixels available to the tablet, and wallpaper will also be very clear.

It has a large memory so you can store pictures, download more games that you play with friends. The games run quite fast, and will not have to wait too long in downloading or uploading a game. Due bright screensavers that provides extremely good clarity, the games will be a special attraction. It has 21 embedded applications, and Apple offers 9 free applications. The operating system is iOS 8, which so far is the biggest launch iOS is great for the functions you use, so it has features and new updates periodically.

On the iPad Air processor will not warm to any overloading, especially in games. It is designed so that gamers can play longer, without having to fear that a tablet in hand are warm and can damage the processor. Due to rapid processor, the tablet is never in difficulty and load very quickly by Internet pages, will run very well open a page and these things do a single tablet.

iPad Air offers a very good security so that you can unlock with a single touch fingerprint. The connection is quite fast and very complex, even twice than the previous generation, allowing you to quickly download movies or games, and watching videos will take less. In App Store have many applications require you to use, each being made for large, bright screen of tablet iPad Air. For activities that you use daily, 8 designed iOS powerful applications such as photo editing, checking e-mail, writing messages on various social relationships. Due to the Split View command you can open two pages simultaneously active at the same time so you can write messages at the same time to play.

It is so smart, that browsing the Internet will be easier, and Siri will be helpful. It is one that responds to commands you speak English, just as it is now much more efficient and much faster. The tablet is the device that everyone wants to have it because it is beautiful, fast and highly advanced technology. Regarding notifications, they will be received very discreet, that sometimes you will not even realize you got something. These notifications vibrate hand levers when you have a tablet, and when the tablet is away from you when receiving a notice it will use a specific sound.

Google’s secret car

Google has quietly been running its self-driving automotive program beneath a company known as Google car LLC, in step with documents obtained by The Guardian.

The subsidiary was created in 2011 once Google replaced its self-driving Priuses with Lexus SUVs. within the documents, Google car is listed because the official manufacturer of the company’s twenty three autonomous Lexus cars, together with those that were concerned in recently heralded accidents. Google car was additionally wont to apply for every car’s vehicle positive identification (VIN).
By running the entire self-driving project through a subsidiary, Google presumptively may have helped shield itself from risk. Had lawsuits been filed over the recent accidents, Google car would have assumed the liability rather than Google, and Google’s money assets would are protected, in step with The Guardian.

We additionally currently understand somewhat a lot of regarding the newer, cuter self-driving cars: they are rear-wheel drive, and ar high-powered by a 20-30kW motor, supported the work that Google car filed with the NHTSA. (For reference, Tesla’s engines hover around 300kW.)

Google started testing its self-driving cars on public roads in June, however the LLC’s existence does not imply Google is any nearer to its goal of constructing the cars commercially on the market. Even with many thousands of check miles logged, the cars ar still experimental. Whenever that day will come back, it would be a “Google Auto” automotive that picks you up to travel to figure.
The media has written infinite words regarding Google’s self-driving automotive project for years, and therefore the company even in public conferred a example last year. however few knew till Monday that Google created a liability company to lawfully operate the project.

The company registered Google car LLC, in 2011 once it switched from victimization Toyota Prius cars to Lexus SUVs, in step with documents obtained by The Guardian. The LLC is listed because the manufacturer of all twenty three of Google’s self-driving Lexus cars, and was wont to apply for every car’s vehicle positive identification (VIN).

Presumably, Google set to register a subsidiary to safeguard itself — and its money assets — within the case of hassle. The company’s Lexus cars were recently concerned in crashes.

While Google car is registered as a rider vehicle manufacturer within the U.S. associated abroad — and was even accredited last year an car maker in Calif. — Google aforesaid in January that it’ll be searching for established automakers as producing partners. Google hasn’t named any such partners nevertheless, however.

Visual Comparison between games

Visual Comparison between games

Visual Comparison Assassin’s Creed Unity for PC, Xbox One and PS4

Although the maximum graphic settings

The IGN created a video which depicted the differences between the three versions. As noted, Assassin’s Creed PC Unity looks like a little better than the Xbox One and PS4. Compared with each other, the two next-gen versions have a slightly different color palette and Xbox One variant seems to have a clearer picture to the PS4.

Ubisoft recognizes a degree, AC problems: Unity PC

Problems require solutions

Due to technical issues that have been raised by holders Assassin’s Creed: Unity on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One), Ubisoft is in a position to recover them three distinct systems. This story deals with the subject PC version.

In addition to the problems already reported, Steam User Reviews reveals other difficulties in relation to sound rendering (displaying) geometry levels and characters, cursor movement in menus or stutering. As a general idea, it can only AAA game that long scrolling on Steam User Reviews show not a single “Recommended”.

Ubisoft responded with a post on the official blog confirmed that the studio is aware of the problems:

We are aware of issues related to the graphics performance of the Assassin’s Creed on PC, they that can be generated by CPU and GPU certain configurations of AMD. These problems should not be felt by most users, but rest assured that Ubisoft and AMD continue to work together to solve problems. We will reveal more information when they appear.

Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed will patch Unity

errors due to the PC version.

Once admitted that Ubisoft are quite many and serious problems with the PC version of Assassin’s Creed Unity, immediately announced that it will release a patch designed to solve.

No versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are not too well, the title having problems maintaining an environment of 30fps.

After blamed AMD graphics problems, Ubisoft said, in the end, that patch will correct the problems and players will be satisfied.

The patch corrects the following issues:

Arno falls and passes through the earth.  InvertoVersionsComparison

The game gives error when starting a co-op session.

Arno stuck between objects.

Menu problems.

Ubisoft said that also the dough into account the problems:

Frame drops.

The graphics and collision.

With the co-op.

Helix Credits.

Have played some? On what platform and what you say about him?



History of Technology 15

History of Technology 15

Inferences, reasoning and problem solving.

History of Technology 15.The first algorithms by researchers, imitating human thinking step when have to solve a puzzle or have made a logical inference. By 80-90 years, were already developed effective methods that allowed IA to deal with uncertain or incomplete information, based on concepts derived from statistics and economics.  1274383032_top-10-signs-you-live-in-technology-history_flash

For difficult problems, most of these algorithms require enormous computing power – most calculating machines were part of an “explosion of combinations” or the time when memory becomes astronomical calculation, because the problem exceeds a certain size. Search an efficient algorithm is a priority in producing AI.

People have a great deal of problems solved using fast and intuitive assessments of the situation, but not conscious inferences, that take place step by step, as did the first IA’s. Research in the field of neural networks try to simulate the structures inside human and animal brain, which are responsible for these skills.

knowledge representation

Knowledge representation and their engineering are essential for IA Many of the problems we want solved machines require detailed knowledge about the world. Among the things A.I. must be able to and represent them, are: objects, properties, categories and relations between objects, situations, events, causes and effects, and other areas less researched. This complete representation of “what exists” is called ontology.

Many of the things that people know, come from assumptions. John McCarthy identified the problem in 1969, for any general rule that the researchers tried to sketch IA’s, there are a huge number of exceptions. Almost nothing is just false or true only in the manner required abstract logic. Number of general knowledge about the world that a normal person he knows is astronomical. Researchers IA’s trying to create a large database world, need a huge number of complicated ontological processes, they must manually enter one concept at a time.

Many of the things that people know, can not be represented by arguments that they could write them or say them. For example, a chess player, avoid a certain position because “it makes them feel discovered” or art critic who realizes at a glance if a statue is false or not. These insights and trends are represented in the brain, in a sub-symbolic and non-conscious. This information informs ensure and provide a symbolic context and conscious of our knowledge.

Intelligent agents must be able to fix their goals and achieve them. They need a way to view the future (must realize the current state of the world and predict how their actions will affect the world) and to make choices that make maximum use of available choices usefulness or value.

In some planning problems, the agent assumes that he is the only one in the world who can act and that it is safe from the effects of his actions. But if true, the operator must make contact with the world to see if it fits or not with his predictions, we must change the plan depending on the situation.

Ability IA’s learning and it is an important feature. Unsupervised learning is the ability to discover patterns in a number of inputs. Supervised learning includes both classification (to be able to determine which category it belongs something, after they had been made several demonstrations of other categories) and regression (given a set of numerical examples for input / output must found a continuous function to generate output from input). In reinforcement learning the agent is “rewarded” for good answers and “punished” for bad ones. They can be analyzed in terms of decision theory, using concepts like utility. Mathematical analysis of learning based algorithms and their performance is a branch of computer science theoretical, computational learning theory known as.

History of Technology 13

History of Technology 13

artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the term that refers to the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that trying to create. Most specialized books define it as “the study and design of intelligent agents” (an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and acts so as to increase their chances of success). John McCarthy is the one who coined the term IA in 1956, defines it as “the science and engineering to produce intelligent machines”.


This area was founded on the idea that one of the unique properties of the human being, intelligence can be accurately described and defined so that it can be simulated on a computing machine. This raises philosophical questions about the nature of mind and intervention limits of science, problems that occurred in the myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity. Research in the field of IA’s are so technical and specialized, that some critics “deplore” the fragmentation of the field. Subdomains IA’s are centered around specific issues such as reasoning, knowledge, the planning, learning, communication, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.

A.I. the myths, fiction and speculation

Machines that think and artificial beings appear in Greek myths, such as Thalia in Crete, golden robots of Hephaestus and Pygmalion’s Galatea. Antropomorfizare phenomenon occurs in all civilizations, from the sacred statues worshiped in Egypt and Greece, and continuing with the machines of Yan Shi, made by Hero of Alexandria, al-Jazari Wolfgang von Kempelen or. There was widespread belief that artificial beings were created by Geber, Judah Loew and Paracelsus. Stories about these creatures and their fate put in question the same hopes, fears and common ethical issues IA community.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s put another key question in ethics intelligent machines: if a machine has intelligence, and might feel? And if he feels, has the same rights as humans? This idea appears in modern science fiction: the film “Artificial Intelligence: AI” shows us a car built as a boy, who received the ability to feel human emotions, among other things, the ability to suffer. This problem is known as “robot rights” is considered the “Institute for the Future” in California, although some critics think it’s too early to call into question this.

Another aspect explored both science fiction writers and futuristic, it’s impact on human society IA. AI has emerged as a servant (R2D2 from Star Wars), comrade (Data from Star Trek), an extension of human abilities (Ghost in the Shell), conqueror (Matrix) dictator (With Folded Hands), exterminator (Terminator) and that race (Asurans of Stargate Atlantis). On an academic level were considered some consequences: lower demand for human labor, increasing skills and human experience and a redefinition of human identity and its primordial values.

Some futurists say that the AI will transcend the limits of progress and transform humanity in a fundamental way. Ray Kurzweil’s Law Moore concluded that by 2029, computers will have the same processing power as the human brain, and that by 2045, AI will be able to improve yourself auto projection, this scenario Vinge Vernir was defined as “technological singularity”. Edward Fredkin believe that AI is the next evolutionary step, an idea proposed and Samuel Butler in his book “Darwin Among the Machines” (1863), and developed by George Dyson in a book with the same name in 1998. A was considered the idea that it is possible a union between man and machine, the emergence of cyborg her abilities to overcome in both the man and the machine. This idea is called transhumanism, is the source Aldous Huxley and Robert Ettinger, is associated with newest robot designer Hans Moravec, cyberneticist inventor Ray Kurzweil and Kevin Warwick. Transhumanism has been illustrated in fiction is the best example is “Ghost in the Shell”.

alternating current

alternating current

The Electrical widest use has alternating current through that can be produced, transmitted and used in more advantageous than DC. The foundation of the t.e.m. alternative is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Uniform rotation of a frame consisting of a number of coils in a homogeneous magnetic field or a magnetic field uniform rotation in a fixed coil leads to a fear alternative. Given the laws of electromagnetic induction in a uniformly rotating frame in a homogeneous magnetic field, induce a theme because of the variation of the magnetic flux through the frame F = BNScosa


The angle of rotation varies over time due to uniform framework: a = wt

By the rotating magnetic flux will have the following expression: F = BNScoswt

Based on the law of electromagnetic induction, t.e.m. induced frame is e = – DF / Dt

from which we obtain: e = BNSwsinwt

In view of the variability of the tool sinwt and that the sizes B, N, S, W are constant, the following notation may be: Em = BNSw

Emf induced in the rotary has the expression: e = Emsinwt

From this expression t.e.m. the following conclusions:
-t.e.m. induced sinusoidal variable over time;
-t.e.m. induced -Em is between the extremes and + Em called maximum voltage values.
If voltage is applied to such a circuit, it is established by an electrical current described by a harmonic function of the form:

i = Imsinwt

Since the electric current value is variable over time in practice be used to its maximum value Im or an equivalent amount called actual value only Ief often denoted I. rms value of alternating current intensity is the intensity of an electric current which has the same effect Q heat passing through the same resistor, that account for the following phrases:

In order to identify essential features or to operate with alternative sizes harmonic thereof using conventional representations.

a) analytical representation

The mere writing of that size depending on the size variables (time, phase, etc.) can provide information on: instantaneous value, maximum value, the pulsation period, the initial phase of the size represented, for example:
Instant -valoarea time variable t is obtained by giving different values.
b) Graphical representation
By plotting an alternative sizes depending on a variable parameter which can be time or phase t j, we obtain information about the period, initially, maximum value, instantaneous.
) Phasor representation

The alternative representation of harmonic magnitudes can use a vector called phasor, which has a length proportional to the size of the maximum angle that makes with the horizontal axis is equal to the initial phase j0, the projection of the ordinate equal to the size at baseline or at other times, the vector is considered rotating with a period equal to the alternative size.

What will be the jobs of the future?2

What will be the jobs of the future?2
Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz venture capital fund, believes that in 30 years there will be only two types of jobs. “The spread of computers and the Internet will divide employees into two categories: those that tell the computer what to do and those who tell computers what to do.”

Andreessen thinks divisions between people who have bots and receiving orders from computers will lead to serious problems in society, due to inequality. Globalization has reduced wages ordinary people presenting skills, while revenue rose elites. Andreessen income gap is expected to become even more pronounced. “Transfiguration to be witnesses will be highly beneficial for people who have the ability to design globally what they do now,” said Andreessen. This can already be observed in education, where teachers at Yale or Harvard can take a course in front of millions of students thanks to online education platforms.

Following the exacerbation of differences between people with special skills and not out of the ordinary, Andreessen says that there will be a middle class. David Autor, an economist at MIT, says that automation already reflects this. “Robots replace more and more middle-class jobs – can be accountants, operators counter, check-in agents – but not very good at tasks such as sweeping toilets. Ironically, activities proved easier to automate are those requiring the least skills. It is easier to put a computer to play chess than put it to wash dishes, “says the author.
Andreessen says his advice for young people today can be summed up in two words: “study STEM” (science, technology, engineering and math). STEM acronym denoting the four areas Andreessen’s vision for the future: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In the professions, only the best can make – authors, musicians and filmmakers whose works are best-selling worldwide.
An analysis conducted by Deloitte confirms that future jobs will require more and more advanced skills than the jobs of today. Deloitte says that technology eliminates many jobs performed by persons with limited skills, which is why this sector of the population will have to look for new jobs and learn new skills constantly.
Authorities in several countries have already begun to take steps to prepare the people for the jobs of the future. In 2012, Estonia has started a pilot program in which students learn to program class, from the basic principles of programming languages. “We want to change that mentality and computer programs are just some things. This project is an opportunity to become an intelligent user of technology, “says Lauringson Ave, project coordinator. In the US, to promote programming, mayor of New York in 2012 joined the site Code Year, which gives users the opportunity to learn to program easy and free interactive lessons sent weekly by email.

Store information 3

Store information 3

bb821992.figurenew3(en-us)“Magnetic materials are extremely useful and is of strategic importance for many sectors of the economy, but currently not used to their full capacity. Achieving such a new material was a great achievement for us,” says Shan X. Wang , director of the Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology at Stanford University.
So far, the most advanced magnetic storage systems needed about one million atoms to store a 0 or 1 – basics of binary system, representing one bit of information. Researchers at IBM have exceeded this limit, storing and reading bits in just 12 atoms – two rows of six iron atoms each, placed on a copper nitride surface, resulting in a material with anti-ferromagnetic properties.
Atoms were aligned using a very powerful microscope, and the operation was carried out at a temperature close to absolute zero. He reported that researchers could achieve the same thing and at room temperature, but with a larger number of atoms – 150.
The new discovery was triggered by a true international competition of elite physics laboratories around the world, where they explored the properties of magnetic materials at the microscopic scale.
“Today, researchers in the broad field of nanotechnology are already wondering what else you can find. The capacity of storing information at the microscopic level is truly incredible, far beyond our expectations. However, the discovery itself changed our ideas we I was on the behavior of magnetic materials at the molecular level, “says Robert Doherty, electrofizician, c director of Envisioneering, a consulting firm in Seaford, New York.
On the other hand, executives from many branches of industry claim that if the semiconductor industry will reach a limit point of impossibility to shrink indefinitely writing instruments necessary lithographic plates of silicon, it will trigger an international journey for manufacturing microelectronic technology level.
“The nation that will reveal future revolutionary logic circuit will lead mankind in an era of nanoelectronics and will benefit all economic rewards that will ensue,” said Ian Steff, vice president for global policy and technology partnerships from the Semiconductor Industry Association.
Teradata combines storage technologies in databases, in parallel, scalable hardware platforms, with services to the most complex analytical data storage medium in the world. Teradata promotes an integrated data architecture, so companies have centralized data to create a BI synchronized, high-quality, in a single system to assist in decision-making in a company. Teradata provides the basic solution as a fully integrated combination that includes Teradata Database, Teradata servers and disk hardware. Also, Teradata provides data storage solutions with professional consulting services, support services for clients and partnerships with third parties.

History of Technology 19


Chipset provides vital support functions for the microprocessor. He creates signals that feed the CPU, such as clock or oscillator, which sets the pace logical operations.
The chipset connects the microprocessor to the rest of the computer to external memory and other functions of input and output ports of the computer. Chipset is important because it affects system performance and operations as much as the microprocessor. For connoisseurs, the chipset is important when buying a computer. After microprocessor, chipset is the biggest chip on the motherboard and is housed in a radiator.

Like animals rely on instincts to survive in the real world before they learn from their experiences, a computer is a small program that tells him what to do before the user to install or load a program. This program is called the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) because it tells the microprocessor how to receive inputs and send you to the exit.
BIOS defines the behavior of a computer before starting any program or operating system. In modern computers, the BIOS has other functions essential to make the computer to start and run.
Unlike microprocessor and chipset, BIOS is simple. It contains a program, a list of instructions (lines of code). It takes physical form as it is kept permanently in a special memory, preserved even when the computer loses power.
By this way, the program BIOS always remember, ready to be used each time the computer starts. Chip which contains the BIOS is usually a flash memory and is marked with a note of copyright, as well as other software.
No matter how smart we are, we can not remember everything. Thoughts and ideas that go through neurons are lost in the entropy of the universe. You know things because you can call earlier thoughts and ideas, you can only process or another person you can talk about them. But the man and the computer needs a short-term memory, which can store ideas while working with them, and a long-term, to store all old things and ideas that will be used another time.
In computers, short-term memory is called simply memory. The term implies storage devices called hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, or like they used floppy disks or tapes.
Similarly as in the human brain, the microprocessor needs a place to store data that work with them. Memory, often called RAM (Random Access Memory meaning), serves as a workbench for microprocessor. The software usually comes with specs that says how much memory it needs software to run. For modern operating systems, more memory and faster processing means, so a more efficient system. When RAM is not enough, the data is stored in virtual memory, allocated space on the hard disk to store data that does not fit into the ROM. The advantage is obvious, to run programs that exceed the power of the ROM, but there are drawbacks. Hard drive is mechanical, it is the slowest component in your computer. When the ROM is insufficient, the user can see a more intense work of HDD, red light (usually) apinzandu the computer more often.
Memory is actually a module that can be inserted into special slots on the motherboard. Slots are usually in number of 3-4, though often occupied only one slot for memory, but the memory with a large capacity.

What Is The Future Of The PlayStation 4?

What Is The Future Of The PlayStation 4?

As things move along the PlayStation 3, 4, the PS4 is only going to get bigger and bigger. While the PlayStation 3 is still releasing games, and is still getting plenty of attention and support from Sony, this isn’t going to be the case forever.


Eventually, as far as both the PlayStation 3, 4 goes, everything will eventually fall to Sony’s latest and greatest console.


From PlayStation 3 To PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 3 still has some life left in it, but this will change over the coming months. The PlayStation 4 has been out for a little while now, and its momentum is only getting stronger and stronger. It won’t be long before everyone is paying attention to the PS4 over the PS3.


The PlayStation 4 has done quite well for itself over the past several months. The early titles have been successful, the PS4 version of the network has been praised, and a number of attractive features are expected to be added to the system over the next year or so. It’s not going to be much longer, before you have the ability to play demos and older games across a streaming games site.


Presently, the big knock against the PS4 is that it doesn’t offer backwards compatibility. While this is unfortunately the case, it’s not going to be this way to the end of the PlayStation 4’s run. Sony has indicated that the ability to play past titles will indeed be offered with the PlayStation 4 as time goes on. For now, with the PlayStation 3, 4, only the PlayStation 3 offers true backwards compatibility. This applies to both PlayStation 1 games and PlayStation 2 games.

In the end, the PlayStation 4 isn’t perfect. However, with the PlayStation 3, 4, the PlayStation 4 is only going to get better. The PlayStation 3 is eventually going to go the way of the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation, but PS3 users will have a bit more time to enjoy their systems. It’s just important to keep in mind that eventually, anyone who wants to keep up with Sony games is going to have to follow the order of PlayStation 3, 4.


The question then is this: What does the future of the PlayStation 4 hold? What will we be able to expect from the system as time goes on?


The Future Of The PS4

Virtual reality has an excellent chance of being part of the future of the PlayStation 4. Sony has not set a firm release date of any kind with the technology currently being developed for a truly immersive PS4 playing experience, but they are most certainly working on it. Gaming will truly change forever, if Sony really does bring this 3D technology to life.


Streaming game technology will also be a huge part of the PS4. Beta-testing has occurred, but this has only given players a sample of what this will do for the PlayStation 4, when Sony rolls out a comprehensive version of this feature.


And what about the games themselves? It’s going to be pretty exciting.


Games available for PSN code generator can be downloaded only after you install this program will therefore have to enter the games-store. The program can be downloaded PSN code generator website that after I left you above. Operating systems by which it works are Windows 8 and Windows 10 and can be installed very simply. When you log in PSN code generator must answer the questions that are addressed to prevent all PSN code generator installation.


WAP – Wireless Application Protocol

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol


The operator of United States, Omnipoint ( in 1997) has launched a common standard service for mobile, thus Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and Phone com, have united for creating the Forum WAP. The forum contains over 450 members, having a very large gamma of wireless users.


The acronym for WAP means Wireless Application Protocol.

The WAP is a formed from a set of protocols. He is based on the internet and wireless technology.

The WAP protocol has the next requirements:

-the support of many wirelesses

-the support for more applications

-support for secure communications

-the providing tipes of secure programs in the mobile services.

Based on the model of web program of client type servers and utilizing the proxy technology.

-The WAP has the possibility to improve the structure of servers for the wireless equipments

-the WAP pages have specific things like micro browser recognizing

-in the WAP models for the identification of pages, are used specific URL’s

-it is based on standard protocols

The WAP has 5 different levels


-N WSP session (W. Session Protocol)

-N WTP transaction (W. Transaction Protocol)

-N WTLS security (W. Transport Layer Security)

-N Transport WDP ( W. Datagram Protocol)

In what way the WAP helps wireless networks?

It supports a large gamma of transport methods for the information, the wireless being aa base for technology. The Developing of the wireless application may be a more complicated thing that it seems. For this cause the WAP interferes. Because the lowest level of WAP is WDP, assuring all the transport methods of information. The application must do it job without suffering any modifications.

The familiar component of the Wireless Application Protocol is the wireless, the most known thing are the mobile wireless, The PAD.

The functions of the Wireless Application Protocol application:

-the reading of the mails from another server

-e-mail responded

-forward e- mail

-deleting e-mail

– sending new messages

For the application to works, are necessary the following components:

–          Pc with Linux Red Data installed; Web Apache server for Linux; MySQL base; the PHP programming language,Wireless Application Protocol support.


The Web Apache server is created by the Apache Group and consist in a program that takes care of the security of servers and also of the advanced technology

It contains a set of patch-is of the NCSA.



The future of Wireless Application Protocol

Because of the development very big in the field of data transmission without a wire, it was produced world wide collaboration in a domain for standard diversity and protocols.

The WAP has gave good result and continues to evolve with the help of a advanced protocol sets.

Some researchers consider that the WAP browser must do for the mobile internet, what the NETSCAPE did for the internet.

Protocol design lessons from

WAP model uses a simple platform for access to web-like and email. Design of WAP is intended for various protocols ( SMS, IP and GPRS) this made him more complex. The most controversial work was the design of WAP over IP.



What is Clash of Clans gems?

What is Clash of Clans gems?

What makes a game great? What features make it stand out as a shining example of fun game play when compared to other games? Though people may argue the qualities that define these hit games, no one can deny a hit game when they see it.

Clash of Clans gems

Clash of Clans is an incredibly popular video game that is slowly growing into a classic. If you’ve never heard of Clash of Clans before, then get ready. Below is a quick guide to this game, explaining what it is all about and why it is so popular.


What Does Clash of Clans Run On?

Clash of Clans can run on the Android, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. As a result, Clash of Clans is seen as a mobile game as it is only playable on mobile devices. Since August 2nd, 2012, Clash of Clans has been available on ITunes and on October 8th 2013, it became available on Google Play.

Clash of clans hack

Who Produces Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is produced by a company called Supercell. Supercell has been creating games for idevices for many years, first beginning in 2011. Clash of Clans is by far their most popular game. A small but dedicated staff, Supercell is constantly working to make Clash of Clans a continuing success.

Clash of Clans gems

What Kind of Game is Clash of Clans gems?

At its heart, Clash of Clans is a strategy game. Each player constructs and expands his/her village. As the village expands, the player unlcocks more powerful warriors and defenses, increasing their ability to raid and pillage other villages for resources. In addition, Clash of Clans allows for players to join lans, which team up and act in self defense and offense.

Is Clash of Clans Free to Play?

Clash of Clans is in fact free to play. This means that as long as you have a mobile device (Android, the iPod, the iPhone, or the iPad) you can play with yourself and others without ever paying for it. However, Clash of Clans allows for in game purchases of gems. Since gems are used as the primary resource, this means that you can dramatically speed up the construction of your village by paying real money for in game currency.

Clash of Clans gems

So that about does it for a quick Clash of Clans introductory guide. But why stop here? With so many things to research like Clash of Clans game strategies and how to get Clash of Clans gems, Clash of Clans offers you an entire world to explore.



Iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

Iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus, details and spread in the markets smartphon.

It is well-known that the company smartphon – apple is the best in the world by creating companies iphone and after much more advanced versions of the latter reaching from your iphone 3 to iphone 5s, and now, it seems that the iphon 6 and iphon 6 plus.

iPhone 6 gold final

They were issued on 19 September 2014 and revealed through the media to the company bang Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California

With a smooth metal surface that perfectly meets new HD Retina display 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches respectively A8 chips equipped with 64-bit. The insight has a new sensor with focus pixel but also new video features such as HD 1080 at 60 fps, slow-motion to 240 fps but having included the video mode time-lapse recordings. They help to capture more detail in pictures, and several times in the video.

More advanced development has meant pushing edges design. Together with the profile aerodynamic every detail has been analyzed with great care for the improvement of the system.

They have an operating system extremely easy to use, this being due to the function messenger and photo function but also for monitoring the health status. Icould Drive includes function that allows storage of documents and accessed from anywhere.

They have already been available in an average number of countries and will soon be available in a total of 69 countries and territories.
The company’s specialists enter markets with the Smartphone apple reveals the fact that until 31 December these models will come in more than 115 countries and territories.

Also, by announced that during Monday October have been introduced in 36 states and territories may more continents and regions, for example: Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East

The two models of iphone will be reached in the markets Smartphone from Kuwait and Bahrain on October 30, and in the market in Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Mexico, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Thailand but also those in Romania on 31 October.

The new iPhone has a storage space of 16 GB, 64 GB and respectively 128 GB. It also contains a motion co-processor what is coupled with a barometer, this processor can make the difference between a person who run and a person that goes on the bike counting the steps which performs.

This iPhone contains and NFC that helps Apply Pay System to use the wireless payments. It features Voice Over LTF but the calls over Wi-Fi, now you have an improvement Wi-Fi, namely Wi-Fi 802.11ac having a speed three time higher than the speed of regular W-Fi.

Contains the sensor touch ID which scans your fingerprint helping to unlock the iPhone but also use the App Store.

The system is equipped with a large screen and much more features.

It really has a bigger design but is much thinner but it is much stronger and has a higher capacity being the best model of the Iphone generation.

Advanced technology what’s worth trying.

Advanced technology what’s worth trying.


At first, when appeared the technology it was surprising, people have started to catch the taste of technology and began to move forward in this, they built various useful machines in the laboratories, institutions and even households as their use to be very effective.

Advanced technology

But now, in present, already no longer glance surprising technology development, and no longer surprising fact that the technology came into our lives and we replace some things. In everyday we use various devices and gadgets. Some of them, in theory, should alleviate the way of life.

Some of the most used technologies ( the ones that we use on a daily basis) are:

–          The personal computer : we allow you to access various programs, to access the Internet anywhere in the world.

–          The mobile phone : offers the possibility to contact people at various distances, but now with the new investment gives us the opportunity to connect to the internet.

–          The TV: the oldest technology but still in development , it gives us information about the happenings around the world via media ( through the journal news)

The technology does not mean only those objects, nowadays has become very advanced managing to be very close to the population. The most interesting category of devices is “ the wearable” . this category includes not only mobile phone it includes a range of devices.

Because I have already sparked curiosity I will tell you some technologists that are easy to wear in everyday life and worth trying.

–          Google Glass : the glasses made by Google are no longer a novelty but worth the mention. They spent a lot of time in the center of attention ever since they began to be launch. Have the ability to make photographers, create videos and provides a database with maps, the first version had cost 1500 $, but the final price is not known yet.



–          The Pebble : it is a simple watch, equipped with several mechanisms knowing to do more things.

He announces on user when it was called, when he received the message but how is a clock, evidently indicates the exact time. It has a built-in GPS that help in space and orientation to navigation and it is very compatible with the Android, iOS with a price tag of 150 $.


–          Open Go : it is a small device used by athletes who are in recovery workout recovery workout ( put in shoes). This products is equipped with a Flash Driver, a housing and an operating program. The price is on request only ( because there is no public).




–          ( for people passionate about physical education and health), it is represented by a tattoo to measure the level of lactic acid in sweat , being a permanent tattoo may help to design your body. The information measured from it are sent to the internet where is the balance of electrolyte but the overall level of hydration in your body.



Sport makes us smarter

Sport makes us smarter
For at least two thousand years since the poet Juvenal spoke of “mens sana in corpore sano”, people have made ​​the connection between a healthy body and a sharp mind. In recent decades, science has begun to confirm this.


The first research that has demonstrated a particular sport were published in the 60s and 70s. A 1975 study showed, for example, that older people who played tennis achieve much better in cognitive tests than those who were not sports.

Sport makes us smarter

A study published in 1992 showed that older people get results slightly worse than the young or the cognitive tests of visual aids. However, when the two tests were combined, the differences between the two groups became huge. The ability of individuals to divide their attention to two tasks was the element most affected by aging. The research recorded that after 10 weeks of aquatic exercises, older people achieve much better in cognitive tests combined.
In 1999, a study published in the journal Nature for six months followed 124 sedentary adults aged 60 to 75 years. Participants in the study were randomized into two groups: one hour per day be made ​​light aerobic exercise (such as walking) for 3 days a week or as often made ​​anaerobic exercises, stretching and toning.
Researchers emphasized that “in aging, neural areas and cognitive processes does not degrade uniformly. Executive control processes and prefrontal and frontal regions that support them show the greatest changes with aging. “This explains the results of the study in 1992 showing that multitasking that require sudden changes in attention, is the most affected by aging.

After six months, the researchers found that study participants’ performance was identical between the two groups on tasks that did not require changing the focus, but those who achieve aerobic exercise had been conducted much better than those who had stretching and toning tests where attention is quickly change from one task to another.
Sport also helps children. In 2010, research conducted using functional magnetic resonance scanners on some children 9 to 10 years showed that those who were sport showed better memory and a larger hippocampus (a brain structure that is essential for the formation of short memories and long term). Another study, conducted in the 2009-2010 school year the children in a school American students randomly divided in classes II to VIII in the two groups. The first group participated in a meeting of 45 daily minutes of sport, and those in the second group were not sport. In May 2010, the results were clear: students who had been part of the sports group had experienced significant improvements in 8 of 26 measures assessed cognitive research to children in the second group. Journalist Dan Hurley points out that “the findings have profound implications on school systems. It would be ironic if the measures taken by the education authorities in recent decades, namely to reduce the hours of sport to increase the time allocated to the study, would undermine precisely those cognitive skills that they wished to foster. ”
Arthur Kramer, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, says that the effects are clear. “The last 10 years have been conducted four meta-analyzes reviewed all published studies. All came to the same conclusion: there is a significant effect of physical exercise on cognition. There are numerous studies around the world. What is really interesting is that it does not train any aspect of cognition, just walk, swim or ride a bike for three times a week. Despite this, improvements in many aspects of memory, perception and decision-making capacity. It is amazing that we find such effects with only a small change in a person’s life, “said Kramer.

The two intelligence stimulate food

The two intelligence stimulate food
Dan Hurley has analyzed the most important research on the link between diet and intelligence, and his effort was largely disappointing. “There are only two foods that have convinced researchers that have the ability to improve cognitive performance: one for babies and one for adults,” said Hurley Smarter book.

The two intelligence stimulate food


Each month of breastfeeding increases IQ registered at age 7 with 0.35 points and 0.29 points scale verbal non-verbal scale. One year of nursing would increase the child’s IQ by four points. The first food and the first and best food consumed by babies is breast milk. Although researchers have long noted the link between breastfeeding and IQ scores slightly increased the child, most believed that this is because usually mothers who choose to breastfeed are on average more educated than mothers who choose to not breastfeed. However, a study published in July 2013 reached a different conclusion. Research aimed not only whether mothers breastfeeding their children, but also during lactation. The researchers also took into account the intelligence and socioeconomic status of the mothers, eliminating these factors. The study concluded that each month of breastfeeding increases IQ recorded at age 7 with 0.35 points and 0.29 points scale verbal non-verbal scale. One year of nursing would increase the child’s IQ by four points. An editorial that accompanied the study pointed out that “in the USA only 70% of women initiate breastfeeding and only 50% of African-American women. After six months, but only 35% of women and 20% of African-American women continue to breastfeed. ”

After weaning, the only food is scientifically proven that coffee improves cognition. It is not just about its stimulating effect of caffeine. A study published in January 2013 in the journal Neuropharmacology showed that this substance improves working memory of middle-aged men without regard to its stimulatory effect. Also, caffeine is not the only benefit of coffee. Another study, published in January 2013 in the journal Age revealed that working memory in elderly rats who were given coffee apparent improvements than older rats who were given caffeine directly. The benefits of coffee takes much longer than the few hours that its effects are felt. A study published in 2012 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that adults older than 65 years who had a level of caffeine in the blood that indicate regular consumption of coffee showed a much lower risk of progressing from a deficit mild cognitive dementia over the next four years. The researchers concluded that “the study provides the first direct evidence confirming a link between coffee consumption and reduced risk of dementia, especially among those who have a minor cognitive disorder”.
A British survey of 2,000 last year to identify tactics used by people to seem intelligent revealed that 62% would choose C. In fact, the survey showed that Lying in reference to reading classic books are the most common strategy by which people try to sound smarter. Another popular strategy, wearing glasses, seems to be surprisingly effective. A survey in 2011 by the British College of Optometrists organization showed that 43% of respondents said that people who wear glasses look smarter.
A study in the Czech Republic shows that we do not need glasses if you are nice. Research has shown that certain facial features, such as narrow faces, long noses and chins thin is linked both to the attractiveness and intelligence perceived by others. Interestingly, men which survey participants said they “seem intelligent” even tended to have a higher IQ, but for women this was not true.
Another way you can give the impression of intelligence without talking is going the same pace with those around you. Participants in a study classified a person walking faster or slower than a “normal driving speed” as less competent and intelligent. Another study shows that it is recommended not to drink alcohol in public; research conducted in 2013 showed that the association between alcohol and stupid behavior is so strong that people just keep a beer in hand were perceived as less intelligent.

How can we become more intelligent in 21 century

How can we become more intelligent
2 Lumosity

emotional intelligence
The second method by which we can make smartest a represents Lumosity, a site which reunites numerous games cognitive. “Our users have reported numerous benefits after using Lumosity, including a thinking more clearly and faster, an acceleration of skills problem solving, a better concentration to labor and steering wheel and a greater capacity retention names, numbers and indications “announces representatives Lumosity.

How can we become more intelligent in 21 century

Founders company asserts that these results are obtained using cognitive tasks what were used along time in studies profile and which were transformed into games appealing.
The allegations representatives Lumosity are supported and science. These games were studied in 15 researches published in journals or presented at scientific meetings, being used whilst in other few tens of research ongoing. In 2011, Shelli Kesler, psychologist and professor in the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research from the University Stanford, published two pilot studies on Lumosity, one of these being performed on 23 children who had survived cancer and the other on 16 girls what were suffering of syndrome Turner, a genetic disorder associated of some deficits cognitive in the what you regards mathematics. First study showed that Lumosity led to improving speed and flexibility mental and memory children who survived cancer, and the second had improved mathematical skills of girls.
Kesler has published in May 2013 another study on Lumosity attended 41 people who had survived breast cancer. Research was randomized, so that 21 people s-have trained with using Lumosity in 48 sessions along has 12 weeks, and the other 20 people have remained on a waiting list. Conclusions were published in diary Clinical Breast Cancer: “training cognitive led to significant improvements in terms of flexibility cognitive, fluency verbal and processing speed, observing whilst improvements and of verbal memory. Also, study participants noted improvements in planning, organizing and monitoring tasks compared with the group placed on the waiting list. ”
“One of the reasons for which I like Lumosity is that offers numerous cognitive tasks, not just one. There solid evidence attesting that numerous medical conditions, among which HIV, diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis, are associated some problems cognitive. Meet such patients in my clinic and almost always recommend them to try Lumosity or something similar. Even believe that helps. These activities you are doing fine and if you are a healthy person given that keep you brain active and healthy. I have a restraint only when world asserts that will operate for everyone, in any situation; such assertions are problematic “, take confessed Kesler journalist Dan Hurley.

Michael Scanlon, cofounder Lumosity, affirms in the book Smarter that “a good part of our efforts is heading toward making games most pleasant, most delicious than going to hall”. Scanlon says that “we face with same problem facing and halls fitness. People enroll having best intentions, feel good when I see that progresses, but then intervene various complications in their lives everyday and renounces. Therefore, a large part of our work consists in making product as appealing, to increase number of those what continues to use it “.
If want to try Lumosity, a can do on website www.lumosity.com. Variant Free gives you access just 3 games per day; variant full costs $ 15 per month.

Une nouvelle Clash of Clans hack

Une nouvelle Clash of Clans hack est arrivé pour les utilisateurs iOS et il apporte avec elle quelques fonctionnalités bien voulu, comme la capacité à rester actif, la recherche de butin, utilisez le mode sandbox et simulation d’attaque. Installation de l’outil de piratage de XModGame sur l’iPhone ou l’iPad est légèrement difficile pour un débutant et heureusement pour vous nous avons un tutoriel complet vous montrant comment télécharger et installer le Clash of Clans pirater sur iOS et prendre de l’avance dans le match.

Êtes-vous prêt pour obtenir votre Clash of Clans jeu de hack sur? Cool, allons-y.

Clash Of Clans Hack Pour iOS: Comment télécharger et installer Cheats Pour rechercher Loot, Gardez mode actif et l’utilisation Sandbox

Maintenant, avant de commencer, je dois rappeler ici que c’est un hack, vous vous apprêtez à effectuer sur votre iPhone ou votre iPad afin d’installer les tricheurs. Si les instructions ne sont pas suivies correctement, les choses peuvent mal se passer, et iDigitalTimes ne peuvent pas être tenue responsable de tout dommage pouvant survenir sur votre appareil dans le processus. Il suffit de garder cela à l’esprit que vous passez à l’Clash du Clan triche processus d’installation.


Étape 1: Jailbreak votre appareil


La première chose que vous devez faire pour utiliser ce hack est de jailbreaker votre iPhone ou iPad. Maintenant, si vous ne l’avez jamais jailbreaké votre appareil, ne vous inquiétez pas. Le processus est assez simple. Si vous utilisez un iPhone ou iPad sous iOS 6 ou iOS 7 – 7.0.6, alors vous voudrez pour appliquer le jailbreak evasi0n sur votre appareil. Si vous êtes sur iOS 7.1 ou supérieur, vous aurez besoin d’appliquer le jailbreak Pangu. Instructions pour chaque se trouvent dans les vidéos ci-dessous. Cliquez sur la vidéo approprié et allez-y.


Comment Jailbreak iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 avec Pangu (Windows)

Comment Jailbreak iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 avec Pangu (Mac)


Comment Jailbreak iOS 6 ou iOS 7 – 7.0.6 Avec Evasi0n

Étape 2: Activer Cydia


Étape 3: Installation XModGame Repo Et Télécharger Hack


Ok, une fois que vous avez configuré le type d’utilisateur vous êtes, vous devriez être dirigé vers l’écran principal Cydia où vous verrez certains, comme la photo ci-dessous. Hit sur ​​l’onglet “Gérer”.

Une fois l’option de cet onglet, appuyez sur les “Sources”

Une fois que vous êtes dans les sources appuyez sur “Modifier” (en haut à droite)

Maintenant, appuyez sur “Ajouter” (coin supérieur gauche)

Une boîte d’admission devrait apparaître. Tapez l’adresse de prise en pension qui suit – http://apt.xmodgame.com/

Une fois l’opération de pension est installé, appuyez dessus pour ouvrir et chercher le “XModGame” jeu et l’installer.

Pour obtenir le Clash of Clans XModGame pirater, vous aurez besoin d’installer une nouvelle source de repo dans Cydia

Pour obtenir le Clash of Clans XModGame pirater, vous aurez besoin d’installer une nouvelle source de repo dans Cydia

Étape 3: Activer Clash Of Clans XModeGame Hack


Ok, une fois l’application XModGame installé, vous devriez voir l’icône sur une de vos pages.

Avant d’utiliser l’application, assurez-vous que le choc des Clans jeu ne fonctionne pas (Vous pouvez vérifier l’application de commutation et si elle est ouverte, fermez-là).

Maintenant, ouvrez l’application de XModGame et appuyez sur “Clash of Clans” puis appuyez sur “installer”.

Une fois installée, appuyez sur le bouton “lancement” et et vous verrez un X sur le côté de l’écran. Cliquez dessus pour faire apparaître le menu de hack.

Pour installer le choc des Clans Hack, l’application de XModGame ouvert, sélectionnez Clash of Clans Mod, installez et lancez.

Pour installer le choc des Clans Hack, l’application de XModGame ouvert, sélectionnez Clash of Clans Mod, installez et lancez.

Étape 4: Utilisez The Clash of Clans Hacks

Recherche Loot:

Saisissez une quantité désirée de l’or, élixir, ou élixir noir, et trouver quelqu’un pour attaquer. Ils auront cette quantité de ressources ou plus!

Mode Sandbox:

Activez cette, et visiter une base. Il va commencer une attaque sur la base. Lorsque le raid est terminé, le jeu va se planter et on n’aura rien perdu. (Très utile dans les guerres de clan) Attention peut se bloquer votre jeu après une attaque simulée est terminé.

Gardez active

Au lieu de synchronisation sur d’être inactif, choc des clans restera toujours actif. Si utile que personne ne peut vous attaquer. AVERTISSEMENT: Utilise beaucoup de données et de la batterie.

Welcome to our Press Room

Welcome to our Press Room! Thanks to the tremendous media outreach efforts by PRF and its pro bono public relations firm, Spectrum Science Communications of Washington, DC, we have gained many new supporters who have approached us after seeing stories of children with Progeria on TV or in newspapers and magazines. Countless others are moved after learning of the tremendous progress PRF is making through support of research studies published in leading medical and scientific journals worldwide.

“Hi. I’m John Tacket. I’m 15 years old, and I have Progeria, as you can see, and I’m very excited to be here and it is an honor to be the youth ambassador for Progeria. This is a very exciting time for me and also for my friends because we know what the gene is that makes our disease show up in us. This is the first step and we’re looking forward to the second step, a cure and treatment. But for now we just live our life . . . and do all the things kids do. No problem, I’m very content right now. Even though I have Progeria, some might think that I’d be down, but I’m not. This is great that the doctors are working and researching and I know they are working very hard. . . . This is a very exciting time.”

– John Tackett at the Progeria gene discovery announcement at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on April 16, 2003